Throne of TutankhamunCairo Children’s MuseumPyramid of Khephren

Throne of Tutankhamun

A detail of the Throne of Tutankhamun. This is one of the extraordinary photographs by Sandro Vannini that illustrate the book "The Legend of King Tut" with text by Zahi Hawass.

Cairo Children’s Museum

Interior view of the Children's Museum of Heliopolis, Cairo, where Laboratoriorosso has designed and built over 700 square meters of panels and high-resolution photographs for the interior fittings.

Pyramid of Khephren

A view of the Pyramid of Khephren from the mortuary temple of Menkaure. This image in included in the book "Pyramids, Magic and Mystery", with text by Zahi Hawass and photographs by Sandro Vannini.

Laboratoriorosso is a company whose activity focuses on a wide range of subject matters ranging from publishing, exhibit logistics and organization, documentary making, audiovisual products. Sandro Vannini is Laboratoriorosso’s Director. Over the past nine years the company has produced five documentaries, photographic printed and electronic books, and many 3D animations, using high-resolution photographic shooting techniques. Future projects include more documentaries in Egypt and the production of new photographic books.
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