Laboratoriorosso created and produced two documentaries on modern Egypt: “The Egyptian,” which explored the reality of contemporary Egypt through the life of the famous archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, and “Throbbing Desert”, a trip into the Egyptian western desert searching for the roots of pharaonic civilization.
It has also produced a series of documentaries about Ancient Egypt and has an extensive archive of video footage on Egypt, available for the production of audio-visual work on request.


The Road through the Western Desert – 2009
The pharaonic civilization was born in the Western Egyptian desert, as witnessed on cave paintings of the Gilf el Kebir. And through the breath-taking scenery and unfinished projects the future of Egypt depends on this.

Red Sea, eastern gate – 2009
The Red Sea has always been, since the days of the Pharaohs, the gateway to the East. Even today, in addition to tourism, this area has some of the most important economic activities in Egypt, including mining, oil and the Suez Canal. And extraordinary cultural emergencies…

Egypt showreel
Laboratoriorosso has produced a series of documentaries on Ancient Egypt, shooting in the most attractive areas of pharaonic civilization with Zahi Hawass, the icon of archaeology.

The Egyptian – 2010
Zahi Hawass, Egyptian himself recounts in this documentary his own life as well the last 60 years of the country’s history from the Revolution of Nasser to the contemporary challenges the country now faces with education being the most important one.