The legend of Tutankhamun



Title: The legend of Tutankhamun

Description: Tutankhamun is a constant presence in the iconography of Ancient Egypt and in the imagination of those who approach this magnificent civilization for the first time. Years of research have been dedicated to the Boy King and, yet, many mysteries still surround him and new discoveries are regularly made. The fascination of his character and the breathtaking beauty of his tomb’s renowned treasure are never-ending and continue to capture the hearts of people all over the world. Is there anyone who has never seen at least one photograph of his famous funerary mask or his solid gold sarcophagus? Nevertheless, very few have had the opportunity to admire these stunning objects up close.

Laboratoriorosso is proud to announce the publication of The legend of Tutankhamun, the new book by world-renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass and Italian photographer Sandro Vannini: a unique piece of art that offers the opportunity to observe in detail the most famous treasure in the world and explore the latest discoveries on the Boy King. This work represents the second instalment of a trilogy by the same authors that began with A Secret Voyage, published by Laboratoriorosso in 2009, and that will end with a volume on the pyramids.

Zahi Hawass recounts the story of Tutankhamun by adding a new flavour to the narration. New characters, discoveries, and fascinating anecdotes come together in this extraordinary work to take the reader through a sensational journey, filled with unique insights into the life, death, and legacy of the young pharaoh.

Among the many novelties, Dr Zahi introduces for the first time the boy Hussein Abdel-Rasul, the member of Howard Carter’s team who found the entrance of King Tut’s tomb, and Sennjem, the pharaoh’s tutor. He talks about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s family through the study of CT-scans and DNA, and touches upon all the evidence found on the king’s health condition and the causes of his death. He also recounts a number of fascinating episodes relating to the infamous “curse of Tutankhamun” and so-called Tutmania. 

The narration is accompanied by Sandro Vannini’s stunning photographs, carefully selected to enable the observer to see the King’s treasure as it has never been seen before. Through innovative perspectives and astonishing details, this magnificent collection of artefacts is revealed under a new light, leaving the spectator mesmerised by the sublime craftsmanship of the Ancient Egyptians.

The volume includes also an introduction by George Herbert, Earl of Carnarvon, and an essay on ‘Egyptomania in ancient and modern times’, by Italian archaeologists Stefano De Angeli, Riccardo Fusco, and Roberto Buongarzone. It is dedicated to Mrs Jihan Sadat for the love that she has always given to Egypt.

I have written 9 books on Tutankhamun. This is the last one, the closest to my heart. When I saw it printed for the first time, I could not believe that a book like this one could exist. The photos are fantastic and the text introduces all that is new about King Tut. I believe that this is the ultimate book on Tutankhamun, the one that should be presented at the centennial of the discovery of his tomb.”
Zahi Hawass

LIMITED EDITION – 999 copies only, numbered and signed by the authors
FORMAT – 345 mm x 495 mm
INSIDE – 300 pages, printed on special paper, including 6 folders in a format of 1380 mm x 495 mm
COVER – cloth-bound, with gold hot-print
PACKAGING – hand-bound, each volume with slipcase
EDITIONS –  English | Italian
PRICE – € 2,000 (worldwide delivery included)     BUY

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