Virtual images

Immagini virtuali, animazione e produzione di modelli tridimensionali

Virtual images, animations and production of three-dimensional models – Laboratoriorosso is active in the production of visual material with high  technological content, such as virtual images created from photographs, animations using real videos making 3D objects as realistic as possible.

Computer-generated virtual image of the Pyramids of Giza, based on a panoramic image.

LR has produced 3D models of all the pyramids of Giza, along with some of the most beautiful and spectacular tombs. These models can be used for interactive projects or to make clips based on individual requests.

The 3D models are made with a sophisticated technique that uses photographs and high-resolution videos. Objects are virtual but very realistic as its visual base is photographic. These objects can be created with video clips upon request, with movements performed according to customer needs. There is an archive composed of hundreds of objects of Egyptian Art that can be used to create 3D models, from both the Coptic and Islamic Pharaonic periods.