The legend of Tutankhamun

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The legend of Tutankhamun, by Zahi Hawass with photography by Sandro Vannini. The ultimate book on the Boy King, in large format and limited edition.

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COPIES 999 copies only, numbered and signed by the authors
COVER Cloth-bound, with gold hot-print
FORMAT 345 mm x 495 mm
PAGES 300 pages, printed on special paper, including 6 folders in a format of 1380 mm x 495 mm
BINDING Hand-bound, each volume with slipcase
EDITION English | Italian

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Tutankhamun is a constant presence in the iconography of Ancient Egypt and in the imagination of those who approach this mysterious civilization for the first time. Is there anyone who has never seen at least one photograph of his famous funerary mask or his solid gold sarcophagus? Nevertheless, very few have had the opportunity to admire these magnificent objects up close. This extraordinary volume allows to see in detail the most famous treasure in the world. Enlarged and illuminated with special techniques, the jewels of the King reveal surprising details and the alabaster statues astonishing reflections: the art of the Ancient Egyptians as it has never been seen before.

Laboratoriorosso presents the ultimate book on the Boy King.

The legend of Tutankhamun, by Zahi Hawass and Sandro Vannini, contains an introduction by George Herbert, Earl of Carnarvon, and an essay on ‘Egyptomania in ancient and modern times’, by the Italian archeologists Stefano De Angeli, Riccardo Fusco, and Roberto Buongarzone.

"..... I have written 9 books on Tutankhamun. This is the last one, the closest to my heart."
Zahi Hawass